The Plain Truth

The Plain Truth here at Supreme Glass is that we try to provide a quality product, with service, and a fair price. Bottom Line isn’t that what we all want?  When i have my car repaired, i want to know they are doing the job properly. I was told at a young age, don’t settle for cheap when you can have quality. That is what we strive to provide you, our valued customer.  God Bless You!

No Hype Here

We are constantly being bombarded to buy buy buy.  Here at Supreme Glass there are no sales pressure tactics.  We try to find out the best solution for your glass needs.  If it means losing a sale or making less money, we will suggest options for you i.e.  if you have an older car, we might say have you tried a salvage yard for this part and we will give you people to call.  Here @ Supreme Glass, sure we want to make a profit, but not @ hyping you into something that costs  you more

With the cold weather upon us….

Check out your Windshield and see if there is a ding or star to be fixed.  Repairs are possible when they are the size of a quarter or less.  It could save you a lot of money vs the cost of a new Windshield.  We guarantee our repairs so even if it by chance would break out, we would deduct the repair cost from the price of a new Windshield.  We have a very high success rate.  Easily over 95%.  If the ding or star is directly if front of the driver, we don’t recommend repairing it.  God Bless 🙂

Consider Your Options

Last week we came upon a job at a Body shop.  The Windshield install was not original and there was so much rust.  The rust was to the point that there were holes in the body of the Toyota.  Saving money at the time might not be the best solution; consider your options.  Ask the question of who is installing the Windshield ahead of time.  Do they prime the metal, glass, etc.  Are the sealants of high quality or is this a lick it and stick it job to your installer.  A high quality install, though initially my cost a little more, will save you headaches as well as money in the long run. God Bless 🙂

Where Quality, Service, and Price Still Matter! – Est. 1989

Jesus Loves You X