Hidden Charges

Some companies are famous for quoting incredibly low prices on the telephone, but when the customer goes in for service they find out that other parts are required and that tax and labor was not included. Some companies quote low prices because they use inferior aftermarket glass, cheap inexperienced labor and even cheaper urethane sealants. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the difference or don’t understand the safety implications and they make their decision solely on price. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks and giveaways. The old adage applies: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Disposal Fee – You’ve got to be Kidding

I guess the new wave of trying to conjure up a way to gimmick pricing is by the use of a disposal Fee. We don’t practice that here @ Supreme Glass. When we quote a price, that’s the price! Thank you again for your Trust and Patronage.

Fuel Surcharge? What’s up with that?

 The latest corporate trick to hide price hikes

When higher costs squeeze them, most companies face two choices. They can raise their prices, risking the wrath of consumers and the loss of market share to cheaper competitors. Or they can sacrifice profits to keep prices steady and retain market share. But these days, some companies have found a third way: fuel surcharges.  At first blush, fuel surcharges seem like transparent, mathematically determined means for companies to recoup their expenses for the unexpectedly high price of gasoline. But as they spread into other industries, fuel surcharges more and more seem as if they’re just an au courant way of raising prices, while duping customers into thinking they’re not paying more.

 We at Supreme Glass don’t hide fees, surcharges, etc. to dupe you the customer.  The price we quote is the price it is.  Supreme Glass is a place that can be trusted not to give you “the shaft”

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