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Pause, Relect, Yield, Prioritize, Strategize and Anticipate

With the New Year upon us, it’s an excellent time to pause, reflect, prioritize, strategize, and anticipate.  Sometimes we are so busy, that we can’t hear what our heart is trying to tell us – yes even The LORD Himself.  Take time to pause.  Then reflect and take inventory.  If we miss this step we have no way of knowing where we are at.

We must yield our will.  Sometimes to make the right choice in life, we have to totally change our lifestyle and habits.  It’s not easy to do, but we can yield ourselves to a better path, if we truly want a different result.  Having it “our” way isn’t going to bring change.  Yielding ourselves to something better will.   I of course believe, we must yield ourselves the the LORDship of Jesus which comes by following what He says in The New Testament of the Bible.

Priorities are a must.  Unless we have taken the time to evaluate what is important and lasting versus what is temporary, we will be focusing our energies possibly on the wrong things. That which brings pleasure alone should not be our driving impetus. Ponder and Consider what i am saying.

We then need to strategize.  Without a clear plan that works, we will go nowhere fast and ultimately fail. Now having a good plan with clearly defined steps that we can carry out,  our plan will come to fruition.

Last but not least: anticipate. As a farmer sows and waits for the harvest, we too can do the same in anticipation. We must have hope and look forward to what is ahead.  The Bible and The LORD will help you in this area by helping you channel your efforts and energy – Yes if you will ask Him, He will give guidance.   Blessings for the New Year in 2016 and God Bless.  We at Supreme Glass hope and pray your year is full and prosperous.  🙂