Consider Your Options

Last week we came upon a job at a Body shop.  The Windshield install was not original and there was so much rust.  The rust was to the point that there were holes in the body of the Toyota.  Saving money at the time might not be the best solution; consider your options.  Ask the question of who is installing the Windshield ahead of time.  Do they prime the metal, glass, etc.  Are the sealants of high quality or is this a lick it and stick it job to your installer.  A high quality install, though initially my cost a little more, will save you headaches as well as money in the long run. God Bless 🙂

Competitve Pricing gives you the advantage

Our dollar needs to be well spent.  We at Supreme Glass use a cost plus system.  What does that mean?  We determine our cost of each item quoted, then we mark it up to a profit margin that we can function at. This enables us to give you the best price possible.

While some may have only one source from which to buy, We have access to several warehouses locally and outside the greater KC area.  This creates a most competitive atmosphere that benefits you, the customer.  Supreme Glass looking out for you which gives you an  advantage in today’s market.  If we look out for you, it automatically benefits us as well.  God Bless!

Fast Curing Sealants

In weather like this, you need to be able to have your vehicle back on the road in a timely manner.  During the colder climate, we use Essex Express.  This is a faster curing sealant which has a cure time of one hour down to 0 degrees.  If you use normal sealants it could take days for your car to be structurally sound again.  Just another plus here at Supreme Glass.

New Year

With 2013 upon us, what better time than now to evaluate.  Assess where you are and make the quality decisions that need to be made to go forward.  For me, what better place than getting Wisdom from God and The Bible.  What about you?  Thank you for your patronage and May God’s Riches Blessings and Dreams for you become Reality, david

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Jesus Loves You X