Our 3-Fold Vision

Quality, Service, and Price Still Matter!

Component Number Three , Price:

Price is a very important component at Supreme Glass.  We know that you want value with your purchasing dollar.  Therefore, we do not sacrifice our QualityService, and products in order to give you a great Price.  Some of our competitors focus only on giving a good? (cheapPrice, but provide poor service, quality, and workmanship.  Not all Windshields, sealants, and workmanship is alike.  If you look at the photos under the quality heading you will see and know that many in our industry have one agenda:  To make a quick profit.  Of course you lose, when down the road you see the corners they have cut in order to give you that price.  Realize that there are only so many places where you can be efficient; after that you have to short change the customer.

How do I know if it was done right? You don’t. That’s the problem. Without removing the windshield, it’s impossible to tell if the windshield was prepped correctly, if critical primers were used, or if the proper amount and type of urethane was used. Once a windshield is installed, all the critical installation steps are hidden under the moldings and ceramic band. If it looks clean and the moldings are lying flat, you can only guess it was done right. But those things are only cosmetic. It’s what is underneath that counts. The only sure way to tell if a windshield is properly installed is to crash test it, but we don’t recommend it. The next best way is to know the reputation of the company that installed it.  We have a track record.  We do work all over the city and we’ve been in business since 1989.

 Cutting corners can be dangerous when it comes to safety.  Today’s Windshields are designed to be a part of the structural integrity of the vehicle. What does that mean?  An improperly installed Windshield will compromise your air bag as well as your safety in the event of a collision.  If your glass is not properly primered, along with a quality sealant, the end result could be hazardous to you as well as to your vehicle.  Improper installations result in rust forming around the Windshield opening long after your glass was installed.  Once rust sets in, then  you have real problems

Price is a very important component of our mission, but it is not the only benefit we offer.  The cost of glass services can always change due to the fluctuating market conditions.  Please inform us if our prices are not competitive.  We at Supreme Glass want to develop a relationship with our clientele where they know they have a company they can trust.


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