Windshields are complex to determine on newer vehicles

With the newer advanced technology, there are now many sensors that are located in your Windshield: Rain, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Humidity Sensor, Heated, among others. In order to have the correct Windshield, you need to have your VIN number and call your dealership in the parts department. Give them your VIN and ask for The Windshield part number that fits your vehicle. Once you have the part #, we can give you an accurate quote. Years ago, it was a simple operation, but this has changed. Our Software, doesn’t allow us to look up individual parts (Windshields) by using your VIN #. Sorry for any inconvenience, but some vehicles may have close to 50 different variations of Windshields just for one car. There is no way, by looking at it visually, that you can always know which glass it is. Blessings. We at Supreme Glass look forward to serving you. Thank you so much.