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Windshields are complex to determine on newer vehicles

With the newer advanced technology, there are now many sensors that are located in your Windshield: Rain, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Humidity Sensor, Heated, among others. In order to have the correct Windshield, you need to have your VIN number and call your dealership in the parts department. Give them your VIN and ask for The Windshield part number that fits your vehicle. Once you have the part #, we can give you an accurate quote. Years ago, it was a simple operation, but this has changed. Our Software, doesn’t allow us to look up individual parts (Windshields) by using your VIN #. Sorry for any inconvenience, but some vehicles may have close to 50 different variations of Windshields just for one car. There is no way, by looking at it visually, that you can always know which glass it is. Blessings. We at Supreme Glass look forward to serving you. Thank you so much.

Lies and Misinformation

There are many lies and misinformation that is given to the consumer concerning where they can have their auto glass installed.  Over and over i am told of how Insurance companies tell you that you must go to their glass company ( of their choosing not your choosing) to have this done. They say it in such a way to mislead.  Supreme Glass inc has to sign agreements with glass networks to meet certain guidelines and pricing. To my knowledge, we are approved on all the major glass networks and insurance companies.  So the next time they tell you where you must go, check again they are giving you false information.  Blessings

29 years ago Today

29 Years ago today on January 13th, 1989, i was fired from a business my dad had sold 3 weeks earlier. I was told everything would stay the same, but as you see, i was let go. On a day when many profess it’s “Bad Luck”, was a day of Blessing because of The LORD Jesus; for it launched the beginnings of Supreme Glass. Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to The LORD Jesus for His Faithfulness.

Cheaper is not better

I cannot tell you how many times, we take calls from individuals and even businesses that are looking for one thing: How cheap can i get it.  Please hear me out.  Not all Glass is the Same, Not a Sealants are the same, Not all installations are the same.  Your car, normally is your second most valuable item that you possess. With that being said, you need to protect that investment.  If a cheaper grade of glass is installed, cheaper sealants are use, cheaper installation methods are employed, you will be left with what you paid for.  Over time in many cases, cars begin to leak due to rust because the installer didn’t take the time to prime the metal.  With inferior products, other deterioration can occur as well.  We at Supreme Glass, don’t cut corners.  We are not looking for a quick buck at your expense.  We take the time to do the job right, so down the road you don’t have problems.  It’s good to compare prices, but also ask other questions like:  How long have you been in business, what are your guarantees, what type of products are you installing, etc.  Please know that in many cases cheaper is not better, in fact it can cost you more down the road.  Blessings.

Consider That

Consider that not all Glass Companies are the same.  Consider that pricing doesn’t always reflect what you are getting in return.  Consider that not all Glass Companies use high quality techniques when it comes to the install. Consider the reputation of the company you are planning to use. Consider that once the job is completed, you have the knowledge and the security that your windshield continues to have the structural integrity of your vehicle retained.  Consider that there are no hidden charges when you are given a price quote.  Consider that there are no gimmicks when it comes to the phony labels such as “disposal fee, etc.”  Thank you for considering Supreme Glass. It is absolutely true, not all Glass Companies are the same.  God Bless 🙂

Talk to Real people

In our day and age, many times it’s so hard to talk to a real person.  We are here to give price quotes, answer questions, and give suggestions that will help you the customer make a quality decision.  Thanks for your consideration.  Another reason to use Supreme Glass. God Bless! 🙂