Cheaper is not better

I cannot tell you how many times, we take calls from individuals and even businesses that are looking for one thing: How cheap can i get it.  Please hear me out.  Not all Glass is the Same, Not a Sealants are the same, Not all installations are the same.  Your car, normally is your second most valuable item that you possess. With that being said, you need to protect that investment.  If a cheaper grade of glass is installed, cheaper sealants are use, cheaper installation methods are employed, you will be left with what you paid for.  Over time in many cases, cars begin to leak due to rust because the installer didn’t take the time to prime the metal.  With inferior products, other deterioration can occur as well.  We at Supreme Glass, don’t cut corners.  We are not looking for a quick buck at your expense.  We take the time to do the job right, so down the road you don’t have problems.  It’s good to compare prices, but also ask other questions like:  How long have you been in business, what are your guarantees, what type of products are you installing, etc.  Please know that in many cases cheaper is not better, in fact it can cost you more down the road.