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Component Number One , Quality:

When I think of Quality, several things come to mind:  For one, Quality is a lost art in many circles of the business community today. Some view a quick profit as the major goal. It’s how fast can I do it and get it done mentality. However; in an effort to put speed at the top of one’s list, problems can come into play; cutting corners, using inferior sealants, using a cheaper grade of auto glass, etc. just to name a few. By cutting corners, I mean, are they using correct removal and installation procedures when it comes to installing your windshield, backglass, etc. ? Also when profit is their number one goal, what type of products are they using? Are they using sealants that are OEM approved? Are they taking the time to use the proper primers to insure a good bond to occur and to make sure no corrosion will take place down the road?

U428 plus
Essex Urethane U428 plus

Your windshield was designed as the number one safety restraint system in your vehicle. Auto manufacturers say your windshield provides up to 60 percent of the roof crush protection in a rollover accident. Your windshield also provides the backstop support for your passenger-side airbag in a front-end collision. If your windshield pops out in a collision or rollover, you could be ejected or crushed. It’s important to know who’s replacing your windshield. Your life could depend on it.

As I stated earlier, not all windshield installations are done properly.  I have personally come upon many installations where the glass was about to fall out and there was corrosion around the pinch weld.  I have also seen dashboards cut along with other alarming things that were signs that a quick job had occurred here. If you look at some of the pictures we have displayed here, you will see what I am talking about.

 Corrosion due to poor installation          Corrosion due to poor installation          Corrosion due to poor installation

In the photos below, you will also see an installation we came upon where we had installed the windshield at an earlier date.  Notice how there isn’t a problem with corrosion and rust.  You see, having a windshield installed in your car is not like buying a TV.  There can be major variations from glass company to glass company.  You may get a cheaper price quote somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you are getting the same quality workmanship or materials.

No sign of rust             No sign of rust             No sign of rust

Your safety and concern is not a place to lower the standard.  I was personally trained and instilled from the very beginning about the importance of Quality.  I was trained by my dad he and shared with me on many occasions that he would be harder on me than anyone else because he wanted me to be better.  We ingrain this Vision into every employee that works at Supreme Glass.  We implement one on one training to ensure techniques and procedures are followed properly.

Supreme Glass uses OEM Essex Urethane Sealants

to insure quality and safety. Windshields are an integral part of your car’s structural integrity. To compromise that would be to endanger your life and the lives of your loved ones in case of a collision or rollover. Your Windshield is designed to keep you in your car upon impact.

BetaSeal Express
Cure times down to 0 degrees

On many of our windshields we use American Made OEM Guardian Windshields. They are original equipment in many vehicles today and they produce high quality products. If Guardian isn’t used, then we will use another quality product such as Carlite (OEM for Ford), PPG, Crinamex, Pilkington etc. to take care of you

OEM approved
Found in approx. 70% of all cars

Quality is the highest consideration given when performing work for you, our valued customer.

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