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Serving the Greater Kansas City area Since 1989.

As stated in the video above, not all auto glass shops are the same.  There are many differences that make Supreme Glass the one to choose.   Whether you are looking for an auto glass repair or replacement, you can be assured that Supreme Glass will do its best to satisfy you, our valued customer.  Quality, Service, and Price isn’t  an empty phrase here.   Our pledge to you,  our customer, is to provide a quality installation, with prompt service at a price that’s highly competitive.  As you look through the website, we will describe in detail this commitment.

Mobile service or in our shop is something much needed with the demands of our lifestyles.  We know it’s hard to be without your automobile, so we will do our best to have your down time at a minimum, thus saving you time and money.

In these hard economic times, value may be hard to find.  Some may believe the cheapest price is what they need, but sometimes cheap means doing the least amount possible to get the job done.  We do work for dealerships, auto repair facilities, fleet accounts, as well as individuals.  We have stood the test of time, while others are here today and gone tomorrow.  Ask our customers and hear what they say.  Check us out on  FaceBook.  I’m sure you’ll agree with us that Not all Auto Glass Companies are the same.  

If you have any questions please call the shop for quotes. 816-322-1313

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Where Quality, Service, and Price Still Matter! – Est. 1989

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